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Little Stage Academy

Give your little star the head start they deserve!

Little PSSA helps 18 month–8 year olds develop confidence, make friends – and have bags of fun.

On Friday mornings our Parent and Toddler classes allow 18 month - 3 year olds (and their carers!) to socialise and have fun in a relaxed environment; learning nursery rhymes with actions, playing with percussion instruments, singing and dancing. Meanwhile, every Saturday our 3 - 8 year old members enjoy vibrant, entertaining classes that cover dance, drama, singing and music in one session lasting either 60 or 90 minutes, depending on the child's age.

At all times, members are encouraged to express their individuality through the performing arts and develop skills that they may choose to use throughout their lives. Little PSSA teaching staff are hand–picked for their energy, enthusiasm and ability to engage even the youngest children; encouraging them to join in and reach their full potential.

Activities enjoyed by Little PSSA include dance and movement (where co–ordination skills and fitness is developed through dance routines) drama (where they'll learn through play, dressing up and improvisation) and singing and music (where children not only get to showcase their vocal talents but use percussion instruments to help develop rhythm). Combining elements of all these activities, no two sessions are ever the same and students are kept thoroughly entertained.

But Little PSSA isn't all about practice – even our youngest members are encouraged to join in public and school performances to help them grow into accomplished, confident performers – a skill that will serve them well in whatever path their lives take.

To find out more about the inspiration behind Little PSSA visit the Little PSSA site


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